Battery Light Box Functional Description and Connection

Wire strippers, screw driver

Tools Required

Functional Description

  1. The battery light box is used to verify proper part loading/clamping in a fixture. The part makes an electrical connection from 6 deck points to a common.

  2. The battery light box has one connector J1. J1: Is used to connect the 6 deck points and common from the fixture.

  3. The light box has 6 LED's, LED 1-6 are green and indicate a connection from 3.7V to deck points 1-6

  4. The battery light box contains a 3.7V LI-ion rechargeable battery.

Note: The battery light box does not interface to the machine. It just provides a visual display for the operator.


Connection Description

J1 Contact connector, connector has 8 pins, labeled 1-8

  • Pin 1: connect to deck point 1
  • Pin 2: connect to deck point 2
  • Pin 3: connect to deck point 3
  • Pin 4: connect to deck point 4
  • Pin 5: connect to deck point 5
  • Pin 6: connect to deck point 6
  • Pin 7: 3.7V, connect to the part being clamped
  • Pin 8: GND, this pin is just used during charging

Note: The connection between each deck point and common needs to be 170 ohms or less, for the light box to work properly. A higher resistance will cause a dim green LED.



  1. When a part is clamped, the LED's on the light box should all turn on. After 2 minutes the LEDs will automatically shut off.

  2. Pin 1 is the trigger for restating the 2 minute timer. Pin 1 must go low for at least 2 seconds then high to retrigger the timer.



  1. After the LEDs become too dim, the light box will need to be recharged. The charger connects to Pins 7 and 8

  2. There is an LED indicator on the charger. RED = Charging GREEN = Fully Charged